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Sumažinta kaina! ORLA PIANO STAGE TALENT Padidinti

ORLA Piano Stage Talent


Prekę pristatysime per 1-2 savaites

525,00 €

700,00 €

-175,00 €

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The Digital Piano Stage Talent is the new model of the Stage Line and has a modern look, with excellent sound quality and a hammer action keyboard that realistically reproduce the feeling of playing an acoustic piano. The Stage Talent fits perfectly into any room decor, ideal for home, school or professional use. The new model is available in two colors, white or black and can be completed with its own stand (optional) and a 3 levers pedal (optional), while the sustain pedal is included. This piano offers great performance in a small and compact size. Just as with acoustic pianos, the keyboard features a heavier touch in the low notes, while in high notes gives a better response to a lighter touch.

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ORLA Piano Stage Talent

ORLA Piano Stage Talent

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